This Is the Smartest Way to Store Cupcake Liners

published Dec 7, 2017
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

I love dressing up cupcakes with fun cupcake liners. It’s such an easy way to pull a color scheme into a party or to convince your guests you’ve made some sort of gourmet treat when you’ve really just made a mix out of a box (shhh!). But I often find that I have a few left over, or that I stock up and then don’t use the new liners for a while, or that they escape from the packaging and start running to the far corners of the cabinet. Basically, my random cupcake liners need a home!

And I’ve finally come up with the perfect solution for them.

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Store your cupcake liners in glass jars (think: apothecary or even Mason jars)!

Here are a few reasons why this solution is so great.

1. The jars are clear.

Most items that you need to store, but especially the smaller ones, benefit from a clear container. It may seem obvious, but if you can see what’s inside your container, not only is it easier to find, but you’re also more likely to use it. If you open your cabinet and have a pretty little reminder of your future baking plans, you’ll remember to make them happen! And if you’re a major cupcake-liner collector who’s going to amass multiple jars of cupcake liners, being able to see what’s in there will come in handy.

2. They come in multiple sizes.

Jars — even Mason jars — come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. So when it comes to storing your cupcake liners, you can choose the size that best fits what you’ve got (just leave a little room for your collection to grow). Then you can do a single stack, or multiple towers of mini liners, or organize them by color, or whatever!

3. You probably already have some jars on hand.

While you can certainly go out and buy the cutest apothecary jar you can find, most likely you already have something left over from a pickling project. (Hint: An empty and cleaned pasta sauce jar can also do the trick.) This organizing solution is free, and it saves something from going back into the recycling/manufacturing process because you’re reusing it within your own home.

4. It’s so, so easy.

Literally, if you can open a jar, you can do this storage trick. So often DIY storage ideas are sneakily tricky (read: they look easy, but are actually hard to execute). So it’s nice to have one where the instructions are literally as follows: Take the lid off, put the liners in, and put the lid back on. Done!

5. It looks cute.

Back to the jars being clear: Those cupcake liners are probably the cutest thing in your cabinet. Certainly cuter than your mismatched spice containers and your oils and whatever else. So why not show them off to brighten the whole space?

What do you think, will you try this at home?