Twitter Is Obsessed with This Brilliant Way to Save Recipes

published Aug 9, 2017
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The way we have saved our favorite recipes has changed drastically in the last couple decades. Recipe cards were the norm in the past, alongside clipping recipes out of magazines and newspapers. But then came the internet, and with it new ways to keep track of recipes, including Paprika and Pinterest. It can’t get much easier than these digital tools, right? What could possibly be better?

Well, it turns out that there actually might be an easier way to keep track of your most-used recipes — and if you’re reading this on mobile it’s staring you right in the face. Last week on Twitter writer Adam Erace said he uses his phone contact list to save the basic recipes and ratios he uses all the time. When he wants to use a recipe, he simply asks Siri to pull it up on his iPhone.

Seriously, how brilliant is that?

Erace said he started using his phone contact list for easier access to things like his passport number and frequent flyer information. He only recently started using it for recipes: “I started applying the concept to recipes a few months ago, when I was testing recipes for a Men’s Journal story on pressure cookers, and I kept having to re-Google bean-to-liquid ratios for cooking dried beans, my baseline test for each unit,” explains Erace. He’s since expanded it to include more basic recipes. “I’ve got about two dozen recipe contacts, mostly for cooking grains, legumes, breads, and doughs, but you could really apply the concept to any recipe.”

Twitter appropriately freaked out over this way to save recipes.

The best part of saving recipes and ratios on your contact list is the ability to use Siri. “All I have to do is say ‘Siri, show contact couscous, pie dough, brown rice, whatever’ and it pops up. Since I’m usually in the midst of cooking a meal, my hands might be wet or covered in ingredients, so this is really helpful because I can access the info without touching my phone, ” explains Erace.

Have you ever used your contacts to save recipes? Would you consider trying this? Let us know in the comments!