This Is Not How You Should Make S’mores When Visiting a Volcano

(Image credit: CatersTV)

Upon the request of his girlfriend, photographer Bradley Ambrose made s’mores over the lava lakes on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu.

While some might refer to Ambrose as a “daredevil” for making a quick dessert thanks to lava, we really need to step back for a second and question his technique.

Now, I understand that this cooking feat is rather dangerous. The traditional s’mores technique might not be attainable, but there are certain steps that need to be followed to achieve s’mores greatness.

First, we need to address how incredibly large that marshmallow is in relation to the chocolate and graham cracker — totally unacceptable s’mores procedure. He even admits his error at the end of the video when he bites into his creation, because the marshmallow didn’t get soft and gooey.

This brings us to our second grave error, which is that he didn’t roast the marshmallow before adding it to the chocolate and graham cracker. Yes, it might have been a bit more dangerous for him to stand next to the lava with a stick and marshmallow, but those are the sacrifices we have to make. That, or he could have just tried to melt the marshmallow by itself in the aluminum foil. It would have been messy, but it would have been right.

Better luck next time, Ambrose.

Source: Cooking S’mores in a Volcano via YouTube and Caters Clips