Saveur Digital Editor Max Falkowitz’s Favorite Pint of Ice Cream

updated May 24, 2019
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Max Falkowitz is a self-described “ice cream whisperer.” When I first started really getting into ice cream, I tried to read everything he wrote on the subject while he was an editor at Serious Eats. He’s smart and scientific in his approach to ice cream, but still has fun with it (because, I mean, it’s ice cream). As the current Executive Digital Editor for Saveur, he continues his legacy in ice cream writing.

Here’s what Max has to say about his favorite pint of all time. You better listen up.

Southern Craft Creamery is based in Florida and has limited retail in Florida and Alabama. It’s a family-fun company that cares deeply about its craft and the quality of ingredients. As they so sweetly note on their site, “It is our hope that, in some small way, our ice cream will help create moments with those you love.”

Here’s what Max has to say about his favorite pint.

When I first spoke with Lauren O’Bryan about the ice cream company she helps run in Florida with her husband, Zach, and the rest of her family, she refused to send me a pint by mail to New York. She couldn’t guarantee the ice cream would arrive in absolute peak condition, and she didn’t want me to try anything but her best. If that’s not commitment to quality, I don’t know what is.

She eventually acquiesced and shipped me some (it’s available retail in Florida and Alabama locations) and I was nothing short of amazed. Perfect creaminess, buttery but light — the kind of ice cream that glides along a spoon. The tupelo honey flavor is particularly good: layers of florals and touches of nut that show what happens when a small-batch producer takes local food seriously.

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