Chef Dale Talde’s Favorite Pint of Ice Cream

updated May 24, 2019
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I love people who have strong opinions about slightly random, not-so-important subjects — especially when it relates to food. Earlier this year when we interviewed Chef Dale Talde about his favorite bodega finds, he expressed passion for the very best bacon, egg, and cheese and late-night gatorade. I had to know if he had the same fervor when it came to ice cream.

Here’s what Chef Talde has to say about his favorite ice cream. Like you’d expect from a chef with four restaurants under his belt and an incredible new cookbook, his pint pick is perfectly balanced yet still intense.

(Image credit: William Hereford)

This Is Chef Dale Talde’s Favorite Pint: Salted Crack Caramel from Ample Hills

Chef Talde’s favorite pint of ice cream comes from Ample Hills, which is based in Brooklyn, New York. This particular flavor has somewhat of a cult following. It’s super creamy and hits the perfect balance between salty and sweet. Ample Hills started shipping ice cream a couple years ago, so if you’re inspired you can get some for yourself.

Here’s what he has to say about his favorite pint.

“Salty-sweet is my favorite flavor combo. This is more of a custard than ice cream; super rich, always smooth — THE BEST ICE CREAM YOU’LL EVER GET. PERIOD.”

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