This Is Apartment Therapy’s Most-Pinned Pantry

(Image credit: Mrs. Meyers)

Can a pantry be Zen? This one sure is! We reached out to our sister site, Apartment Therapy, for their most-pinned pantry ever and the winner is this beauty.

In fact, according to reps at Pinterest, it’s the most-pinned pantry ever. Like, of all time. It’s been saved more than 235,000 times!

What struck me the most was this: Even though some of the pantries out there are totally breathtaking and over-the-top — with their chandeliers, built-in beverage refrigerators, and enormous scale — this one is a little more modest.

(Image credit: Mrs Meyers)

There are so many things I love about this space. In the spirit of these shelves, here’s an organized list.

1. It’s real.

Everything’s neat and tidy. That’s a given for a most-pinned pantry, right? But it’s also not so perfect that it looks unachievable. This is totally something we could all pull off!

2. So many textures!

Glass, natural woven materials, glazed stone, and a mix of metals come together so harmoniously. It’s obvious that thought went into buying these pieces. (Not too much thought, of course. It looks like someone went to the the Container Store and bought what they liked. Again, something we can all do!) Even the chalkboard labels add an earthy, hand-done feel to the space — and conveniently, they can be erased and rewritten if the contents change.

3. It can be replicated in a large or small space.

Possibly this is just a section of an enormous walk-in pantry, but realistically it’s just a couple of shelves. It could be a reach-in or just a nice big cabinet, which means this could be a space inside your very home! You, too, could achieve this level of organization!

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What do you think? Do you love this pantry as much as the Pinterest world does?

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