This Infomercial Product Is Actually Useful (and It’s on Sale)

updated May 1, 2019
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You’ve seen infomercials for the FoodSaver, and although they were mesmerizing (as most kitchen infomercials are), you never really saw the need to buy one. “I don’t need another kitchen appliance,” you thought.

While we’re typically skeptical of kitchen gadgets cluttering up cabinets and counters, we’re here to tell you that a FoodSaver is something that you’ll actually use (versus that bread maker or panini press you got from your wedding). Even better, it’ll save you money.

How? Let us tell you.

Buy It: FoodSaver, $57

1. It can preserve foods bought in bulk.

If you make regular trips to Costco, you already know the benefits of buying in bulk. But if you’re stocking up to save money and not feeding an army, it can get stressful trying to use the items you purchased before they spoil.

The FoodSaver will keep those bulk foods fresh up to five times longer than they would left to their own devices. Beef and chicken can be sealed and frozen in just-right-sized packages for months, and even super-perishable items like lettuce will stay fresh for a few weeks when sealed in FoodSaver bags and stored in the fridge.

2. It can help you plan ahead.

Not much of a meal planner? That’s okay. You can fake it a little with a FoodSaver. Just portion out individual servings of things like soups and sides for quick weeknight meals. You can even pre-package up all of the ingredients you need for your morning smoothie so you’re not spending precious morning minutes cutting up strawberries.

3. It’s fun to use!

Remember that satisfaction you got just watching the infomercial? Now imagine if you actually got to use one in real life.

The FoodSaver is on sale on Amazon right now for only $57 (that’s a 37 percent discount), and includes everything you need to get started saving food and saving money.

Will you buy one? Do you already have one? If so, what do you use it for?