This Inexpensive App Will Help You Stick to Your Meal Planning Goals

published Dec 26, 2017
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We’re just a few days from the start of a shiny New Year, which means that — as usual — you’ll spend the first few hours of January 1 promising yourself that you’ll never drink champagne again, wondering why the dog is covered in glitter, and debating what kind of resolution you should make.

We all go through this every year, and every year we swear we’ll spend the next 12 months “being healthy”…whatever that means. (This usually lasts until you realize that you hate the words “skinny latte” and “no whip.”) But this is your chance to redefine “being healthy,” and to turn those two words into a real, attainable lifestyle.

Real Plans can help you do that. This fully customizable meal-planning app knows that you don’t have a lot of extra time to plan and shop for the week’s meals. So, every week Real Plans will send you a carefully curated selection of recipes, a shopping list, and all the nutritional info for each meal you’ll prepare. (And yes, it can accommodate everything from food allergies to Whole30 to specialized diets to your five-year-old who refuses to eat tomatoes).

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This isn’t a meal kit or a box of ingredients with individually wrapped spring onions. Those can cost more than $50 for three meals, and you still have to figure out what you’ll eat for the rest of the week. Instead, Real Plans takes out all the guesswork — and all the stress — from meal planning by saving time in the kitchen and helping you save money in the grocery store.

Real Plans can create a weekly meal plan for any lifestyle (we see you, shrimp-loving, mushroom-hating, gluten-sensitive pescatarian) and costs as little as $6 per month. A basic subscription also includes access to a database of more than 1,500 recipes that you can swap in or out of your weekly plan. There is also a specialized program available for the Whole30 and recipe packages from some of your favorite food bloggers, like PaleOMG, Wellness Mama and Naturally Ella. Plus, everyone who subscribes before January 15 will receive a bonus package of 20 Budget Friendly recipes.

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With Real Plans, you can make the New Year your year and give “being healthy” a definition that is affordable, attainable and goes beyond hate-ordering skinny lattes. But you’re on your own when it comes to cleaning the glitter off the dog.

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