Workbench to Kitchen: This Tool Works Great in the Kitchen Too!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My mom called last week, all excited about her new kitchen tool. But there was a catch: it wasn’t really a kitchen tool at all. Do you know what this is?

Now, my mom is notorious for using brass ducks as hammers and butter knives as screw drivers. She finds the usefulness in everything! This time around, she is using a drywall mudding knife — a big one!

I can hear my father making a storm about using the right tool for the job, but my mom’s new toy is a pretty brilliant and efficient addition to a kitchen arsenal. Why? Most kitchen knives, even the big ones, aren’t long enough to make full straight cuts in pans of bar cookies and big cookies without removing the knife and getting it sticky again.

Sure, you could go to your local restaurant supply store and pick up an actual rocker knife like they use at pizza shops, but they can run pricey. Instead, this $6 mudding knife from themy local hardware store is a great solution — plus Mom says hers is dishwasher safe! Score!

Do you use any garage or workbench tools in the kitchen ?