Humanity Mourns the Failure of This Brilliant Kickstarter

(Image credit: Esteban Cortez)

Mason jars are essential for canners. They’re also a favorite storage container for everything from dry goods to soups to cute little salads you put in your purse. But they do have a couple flaws when you’re working in multiples: They don’t really stack (unless you’re really, really careful and basically never touch or walk by them!), they’re heavy to move around, and they’re fairly bulky compared to, say, a plastic storage container.

Enter: Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger, a Kickstarter campaign we’re super bummed didn’t get funded.

(Image credit: Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger)

First of all, the name: The inventors are two men in the company Otter Lab who credit their mothers and grandmothers for instilling the idea of preserving the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor. Aw! The project started as a solution to find a better way to preserve a great summer crop in an attractive and easy-to-use way.

The oh-so-handy Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger takes a cue from those under-cabinet wine glass racks and grips glass Mason jars by the ribs at the mouth. Steel brackets hold the jars in place. The brackets are strong but slim, and mount onto pegboards, walls, or the underside of cabinets and shelves. Because it’s a modular system, you could line up one, four, or dozens of these brackets in your storage area, depending on how many you need, with a little space on each side to get your hands around the jars. And because it’s mounted to the wall or cabinet above, you create an opportunity to double your shelf space without stacking!

See it on Kickstarter: Mom’s Mason Jar Hanger

Considering that Mason jars are such a storage trend for spaces beyond the kitchen — including craft rooms and workshops — we’re so surprised this one didn’t get off the ground. High hopes that the Otter Lab found another way to get this invention into production and that we’ll start seeing it in stores soon!

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