This Easter Panna Cotta Is Made Inside of a Kinder Egg

(Image credit: Zero to Gourmet)

This may very well be the most genius Easter egg dessert I have ever seen. Listen up, kids — this gorgeous thing you see above is a chocolate Kinder egg stuffed with homemade panna cotta and mango purée. The Kinder egg is dusted with edible gold paint to make it even more amazing. You have a duty to yourself and to the world to make this for Easter.

But wait, this thing gets even better: If you want to go all out (and you know you do), there are directions for making an edible nest for your gold-painted Kinder egg. In order to make the nest you need phyllo dough, brownies, butter, and salt.

Get the Recipe: Royal Egg Panna Cotta from Zero to Gourmet