This DIY Kraut Is Like a Party in Your Mouth

(Image credit: Brooklyn Supper)

If you’ve never made your own sauerkraut before, you’re in for a treat. With just five ingredients and a little bit of patience, you can have your very own batch of vibrant, flavorful kraut. Grab a Mason jar and a scale — we’re fermenting this weekend!

Yes, you’ll need a few gadgets for this recipe — a small kitchen scale and an airlock system — but the investment is well worth it; once you taste your first batch of homemade kraut, you’ll be making it all the time.

Simply weigh out your beets, red cabbage, daikon radish, and fresh ginger and “massage it” with salt. Pack everything into a Mason jar, secure it with an airlock system, and let it do its thing.

The author recommends tasting your kraut after three days, but her batch wasn’t ready until 10 days in. Happy fermenting!

Get the Recipe: Pink House Kraut from Brooklyn Supper