This Dip Will Be More Popular than You at Your Next Party

(Image credit: Amanda Paa)

During cocktail parties, there’s invariably one appetizer people tend to crowd around. You’ll notice a group of guests huddled in a circle; they’re not talking, but they’re all feeling the same thing: sheer happiness.

This hot Gruyère dip — with white wine, chicken, and thyme — is exactly the type of appetizer I’m talking about. If you serve this at your next gathering, it’ll probably be more popular than you. Just deal with it.

What I really love about this dip is that it all cooks in one skillet. First you sauté everything on the stovetop, and then you put the whole skillet in the oven to bake until the cheese gets golden-brown and bubbly.

You even serve the dip straight out of the skillet, so no extra serving bowl is required. Set it out on a table with plenty of crackers and watch everyone flock to it.

Get the Recipe: Hot Gruyere and White Wine Chicken Dip from Heartbeet Kitchen