Forget to Get Someone a Holiday Gift? Send Her This Glassware Set.

updated May 1, 2019
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It’s inevitable: Someone is going to give you a gift this weekend. Someone you weren’t expecting to get anything from. And you’ll have nothing to give her in return! You could run out to the nearest drugstore and pick up a generic gift card and a candy cane-shaped box of candy to get something super ho-hum right away, or you order this Craft Brew Drinkware Set now, just in case, to have in hand by Tuesday.

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Here’s what she’ll get.

  1. Pilsner glass: Tall and skinny to help retain the beer’s head, it’s perfect for classic, crisp, easy-drinking beers.
  2. Imperial pint glass: Holds 20 ounces of the good stuff, has a small lip at the mouth, and is best for British-style ales and lagers.
  3. Belgian ale glass: With a bulbous body and flared lip, this glass promotes the aromas of Belgian ales and hoppy IPAs. Bonus: It’ll make beer drinking look a bit fancy (important when someone is sitting with a bunch of people imbibing wine).
  4. Stout glass: Winter is the perfect time to suck down the darker, heavier beers like chocolate porters and stouts, out of this glass, especially.
  5. Wheat beer glass: The large, curved glass is popular in German beer halls (where your wheat beer would be called a “something-weizen”), not only for its gripability and large capacity (23 ounces), but because the glass locks in aromas and provides space for a thick head.
  6. Craft pub glass: Classic and versatile, this 20-ounce glass will work for most craft brews that find their way to your fridge.

Throw in a six-pack if you’re extra sorry for the oversight. And if you end up not forgetting anyone, you won’t be mad about having to keep this for yourself.