This Coffee Chart Is Dividing the Internet

updated Apr 30, 2019
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If you’re like me, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is make a giant pot of coffee. Personally, I have what constitutes my first cup (of many) down to a science. Here’s my order: I put a spoon of sugar in my mug first, after brewing my grounds with a dash of salt, of course (thanks Alton). Then I pour some of that blessed, steaming brew into my cup almost all the way to the top, leaving space for the last part: the cream.

Now, I know I’ve done something wrong when my coffee looks a different color than it’s supposed to, and apparently a lot of people have the same feelings. Last week, Delish posted a picture on their Instagram that has stirred a lot of debate over the morning drink. In the photograph, a chart of 36 cups of coffee sit containing varying shades of cream inclusion. Helpfully, Delish numbered rows from A to F and 1 to 6.

Apparently, a lot of people have a perfect shade in mind and are ready to debate fellow Instagram commenters about it.

“I’m 4C or 5E depending on how much I need to study,” said Instagram user @shazneenhasan. A lot of people agree with the general charting area of golden brown to taupe (including me — I’m a 3C, I think). Some folks like their coffee black, as in absolutely zero cream added to the brew, like Instagram user @kay.kayhaam who said, “F6.. black like my heart, lol.”

Some were actually more interested in the beauty of the photograph itself. “Yooo! How do you even create such a perfect gradient,” said Instagram user @albertoshki, who I’m inclined to agree with. (It really is a feat of fresh roasted artistry.)

Even more odd, Delish reported that entirely too many people answered A1, which Delish claims is just a cup full of creamer. Now I like some sweet creamy coffee, but that one would probably make anyone who drank it pretty ill. The people who answered that way obviously are either trolls or not coffee fans. Not like us, I wager, dear reader.

So, where do you fall on the coffee chart?