This Clever Cutting Board Storage Hack Is a Total Game-Changer

published Feb 21, 2023
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

As essential as cutting boards are in the kitchen, finding a storage solution for these bulky, sometimes oddly shaped blocks is no simple feat. It’s a balance between finding a spot where they won’t be in the way, but that’s also accessible enough that you can grab them whenever you need them (ahem, daily). Good news: We found a convenient, stylish way to store all of your cutting boards that can even free up some drawer space. Yes, really!

I can admit, I’m late to the party on this, but I recently discovered this hack hiding in plain sight on TikTok from Nicole Boyle (@fancyfixdecor), who has a knack for clever home organizing solutions. This ingenious hack is especially great if you have a kitchen island.

Step one is to add some sturdy twine or string to your cutting boards, either through the hole on the board, or with some type of kitchen-safe adhesive. Next, you’ll need to establish where you’re going to hang your boards. If you don’t have a kitchen island with a towel rack, you can get a simple mounted rack for mugs, pots, or pans (like this one, for example); pick it depending on the size of your cutting boards, and where you’re adhering it to (cupboard, island, wall, backsplash, pantry door, etc.). Throw some S-hooks on the rack, hang your cutting boards on them, and voilà

Yep, it’s really that simple. This storage solution makes cutting boards easy to grab when you need them, without taking up precious drawer or counter space. You can place more than one cutting board on each S-hook, with the ones you grab most frequently on top. And if your cutting boards aren’t quite as pretty as Boyce’s (whose are?), you can hide the scratched ones behind fresher-looking ones, or even just flip them around. 

Our favorite part about this hack is how easy it is to customize for your needs, your cutting boards, and your kitchen. Happy organizing!