This Cantaloupe & Kiwi Agua Fresca Is Your Warm Weather Sip

(Image credit: Foodness Gracious)

It might not be warm enough to put my tea collection in the back of my cupboard, but this gorgeous agua fresca has me excited about the months to come. You only need four ingredients to make this happen: cantaloupe, kiwi, water, and agave. Blend the ingredients, pour it into a tall frosty glass, and add a goofy-lookin’ straw.

I love the colors of this recipe, and the fact that you can see whole slices of kiwi. Cantaloupe is also one of my favorite fruits when it’s fresh, and I feel like it’s an obvious choice for a subtle yet refreshing drink.

Get the Recipe: Cantaloupe Melon and Kiwi Agua Fresca from Foodness Gracious