This Beer Is Made Specifically for Drinking in the Shower

published Jan 6, 2017
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(Image credit: PangPang Brewery)

Turning cocktail hour into a cocktail shower is one of life’s most rewarding gifts. And it’s obviously a very popular thing to do: The term “showerbeer” is tagged in over 31,000 Instagram posts. So, what’s your beer of choice for the special occasion? There’s a new beer — specifically designed for your shower — that you need to consider.

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The 10% ABV Shower Beer from PangPang Brewery is the collaboration of Swedish design agency Snask and Swedish brewer Fredrik ‘PangPang’ Tunedal, reports FoodBev Media. The pale ale is described as “sweet but strong,” and comes in six-ounce bottles that are meant to be finished in just three sips.

Additionally, the relatively high alcohol content (in regards to other beers) means you can start feeling the happy shower beer effects quickly, even if a little water gets in the bottle and dilutes the libation.

As you might imagine, there has been some social media concern over the brew’s alcohol content.

There is developing buzz about this niche product.

Snask, which has already worked with Tunedal to design bottles for some of his other beers, told FoodBev Media, “We wanted an idea, a concept, something bigger than just the actual beer. Something that could kickstart the night and act as your power-up while fixing your hair and listening to Dressed For Success on repeat.”

The initial run of the beer sold out, however the second hand-brewed batch is currently underway.

Is this beer necessary? Of course not. Is it fun, well-designed, and possibly super tasty? Absolutely.