Baby Eats Pizza for the First Time and Has the Best Reaction

published Mar 6, 2018
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(Image credit: Anton Gepolov)

Do you remember the first time you ever tried a slice of pizza? Was it homemade or from Papa John’s? Did it have any toppings or was it pure cheese? My guess is, unfortunately, that you don’t remember. What a loss! That’s why it’s so special that one parent took a photo of his daughter right after she finished her first bite. Her reaction is very telling.

When Jody Avirgan shared a photo on Twitter of his adorable daughter after her first pizza-eating experience, the internet rejoiced. So far, it’s been liked 257,000 times and retweeted 61,000 times. It also has some incredible comments and reactions.

Why did this tweet receive so much traffic? Because even though Avirgan is just a baby, her reaction speaks for all of us when we eat pizza as adults.

We might be divided on many things in this world, from sports to wearing socks with sandals (as well as more pressing political issues), but dare I say pizza is a universal uniter of us all. Even if you think thin-crust pizza is the only kind of pizza, or if you’re one of those people who likes Hawaiian-style pizza (no judgment!), I think we can all agree that where there is pizza, there is joy.

That being said, Avirgan did say he is staunchly against Chicago deep-dish pizza, and he made sure to reflect this in a comment to his original tweet.

But that’s a debate for a different day. For now, we’re just happy to see that a little girl has had her first bite of pizza and has experienced pure, cheesy bliss.