This Australian Café Is Serving Smoothies in Lightbulbs

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: @darlingcafe)

It’s not enough to serve a smoothie in a regular ol’ glass, let alone a Mason jar — Darling Café, based in Australia, has taken to serving their beautiful smoothies in lightbulbs. You know, those things you screw into the wall to give you light? Yeah, those things. Have we gone too far in the search for the next Pinterest trend, or is something you’d actually want to try?

While these smoothies are definitely very beautiful, I have a few questions and concerns before I jump on the bandwagon. First and foremost, are these lightbulbs made specifically for the smoothies, or are they actually real lightbulbs? If they are real lightbulbs, how do they make them safe to drink out of and how do they sit on a table without toppling over? Is that glass thick enough so you won’t break it in your hand? Also, just like, why did you decide that the lightbulb was the perfect vehicle to serve a smoothie? Is it just for Instagram?

Another big point against the lightbulb smoothie is the actual size of the smoothie. Lightbulbs, if you aren’t aware, are not very big. This seems more like a double-shot smoothie than something I could actually get nourishment from for breakfast or lunch. Mason jars at least hold more liquid.

As you might imagine, these lightbulb smoothies are all over Instagram. Take a look for yourself and see if this new trend is right for you.