This “Adorable” Heart-Shaped $19 Kitchen Gem Doubles as Storage

published Feb 3, 2024
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Heart shaped vase
Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

Because I was born in February, I’ve always associated Valentine’s Day decor with my birthday (and vice versa). I love thematic, kitschy heart-shaped stuff — whether it’s heart-shaped glasses or earrings, or a tea towel with a heart print on it. And last January, when I was looking through roundups of the cutest heart-shaped gifts (as a birthday present for myself, of course), I stumbled upon this piece that I now use year-round. 

This adorable pink heart-shaped vase from Amazon caught my attention so quickly —  I stopped scrolling so fast you could almost hear a screeching halt. I loved the light rose hue and ribbed glass, not to mention the heart-shaped opening that didn’t feel too gaudy. Amazingly, I didn’t own a single vase before this one and was using large Mason jars whenever I felt like splurging on some fresh flowers and greenery for my dining table. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

The thick glass and sturdy construction make it a functional vase or other storage option. While I prefer using it as a vase for my favorite flowers (iris is the February birth month flower, after all), I also use it as a utensil holder on my counters when I want to swap out the black ceramic one I normally use. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

If you want this vase and don’t buy flowers often but don’t want to keep it in storage, you can also use it as a coin or candy jar, a taper candle holder, a decorative vessel for potpourri, a storage place for your knitting needles, or a paintbrush holder, or fill it with a string of fairy lights for a cute DIY lamp. 

This vase is also available in a cherry red color, making it a perfect gift for your bestie on Galentine’s Day, for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, or as a gift for yourself (especially if you’re a February Aquarian like me). Amazon also sells a similar option of a pink two-pack in two different sizes so you can share the love!