This $200 Tub of Coconut Butter Is the Nectar of the Gods

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

I have a recurring fantasy that one day, right after the apocalypse happens, I’ll find myself living next to the ocean right outside of Los Angeles (now destroyed) and I’ll meditate every day for one hour, and have a writing nook in my giant house that faces the water, and I’ll make my own green juices, and only wear pastel-colored mumus. My only friends in this scenario will be cats, all of which look like some variation of my favorite Instagram cat, Smoothie.

This is the universe that I would somehow magically be able to eat from the $200 tub of CAP Beauty’s coconut butter every single day. Or so I used to think.

I had first heard of this magical tub from a few wellness Instgrammers, like Lee from America, about a year ago. I watched as they dolloped tablespoons of the butter into their morning matcha and then licked the spoons. CAP Beauty does sell smaller jars of the coconut butter for $28, but almost everyone insisted that the $200 gallon tub was more “economical.” I’ve had coconut butter before, and I thought there was no way it could taste as good as they made it look.

Dear reader, I was wrong. This coconut butter is the nectar of the gods. When I finally tried it a few months ago, I finally understood the hype. It’s like velvet coconut. Not chalky, not too sweet — just right. Suddenly my post-apocalyptic dreams seemed like they might have to become a reality, because I needed to become the person who would save up their money to buy this coconut tub.

(Image credit: CAP Beauty)

I talked to CAP Beauty cofounder Cindy DiPrima about this coconut butter and the popularity of the $200 tub.

What makes your coconut butter so special?

Our coconut butter is organic and stone-ground. The grinding is a meticulously slow process, but it results in an incredible texture. It’s really all about our process and starting with an exceptional product.

What’s been the response to your coconut butter?

We relaunched our website recently, and included a comment section. We were initially nervous because we were concerned about bad comments, but things have been really good, especially with the coconut butter. It’s our best-selling product.

Why do you sell the $200 gallon tubs of the coconut butter?

We started selling the gallon tub because we have some wholesale cafe customers, and they wanted to use it in their drinks and recipes. There’s also a five-gallon tub available for wholesale.

The gallon tub is also an excellent deal. If you are regularly buying the smaller jar, the big coconut butter makes more sense, but it does freak some people out because they have to come to terms with how much they consume.

Do you find that people buy them? And if so, where do you think those people mostly live?

Individuals are buying the tubs, and I think they mostly live in New York. They probably come into the store for a facial and have our elixir with the coconut butter and just become hooked.

This interview was edited for clarity.