The Breakfast Box: Why Do We Eat Such Limited Foods in the Morning?

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As a kid, I was the pickiest breakfast eater. Well to be honest, I was usually the opposite of a picky eater. As the lone weirdo who would always choose the salad bar at a pizza party, I would and still will eat almost anything. But when breakfast time rolled around each morning, I simply never felt hungry. Perhaps a sign of my love for brunch to come, I preferred to eat an hour or two after waking up.

Since pouring a bowl of cereal in second period English was a complete no-go, my mother would encourage me to eat anything for breakfast. “Anything at all, so long as you eat something!” she would say. Cold pizza, chicken noodle soup, a leftover brownie — anything was fair game if it sounded appealing.

Really though, why does breakfast have to be restricted to eggs, cereal, and bagels? What’s really the difference between a stack of pancakes doused in maple syrup and a slice of birthday cake? Why don’t we eat soup for breakfast in America?

As I got older, I did eventually acquire a morning appetite. Still, this anything-goes mentality stuck around. Nowadays, roommates witness me pairing a cup of fancy pourover coffee with cold shrimp lo mein. Delicious, I tell you!

With all sorts of interesting breakfast traditions around the world – from India’s masala dosa to the traditional Turkish breakfast — it’s time to break out of the breakfast box a bit, or admit you’ve been doing so for ages anyway!

What are your unconventional breakfast favorites?

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