Thinking Beyond Tomatoes: Alternative Bruschettas

updated May 3, 2019
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We originally thought we’d post something this afternoon about traditional bruschetta — a simple, colorful way to showcase summer tomatoes. But that’s an easy one. Chopped tomatoes, maybe a bit of basil and onion, piled on crusty bread slices that have been toasted with olive oil and rubbed with garlic.

Instead, we were inspired by some ricotta-and-pea and marinated asparagus bruschettas we recently had over cocktails and decided to offer you a few non-tomato alternatives…

The two above are both from Body and Soul magazine. One has wilted greens and an almond-garlic spread; the other is topped with roasted red peppers, basil, and feta.

A few other combinations…

Ricotta with fresh peas. We just had this at a wine bar, and it was delicious, but you could also use edamame for a little twist.

Marinated or pickled vegetables. Artichokes would be great. Anything pickled, chopped up, sounds good, too, maybe paired with a slice of ham.

Leftovers! Got some leftover sautéed green beans? Throw those on top of some toast with a shaving of parmesan or a sprinkle of lemon juice.

Chickpeas and olives. Really, any beans would be good. You could mash them into a spread or toss them with some spices and be done with it.

Cheese and fruit. Make a sweet bruschetta with a blue cheese, figs, and honey. Or peaches and a syrupy balsamic vinegar.