Think Pink! Pasta With Beets

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re looking for a show-stopping dish for Valentine’s Day, consider these six stunning recipes for pasta with beets. We tried to include something for everyone in this roundup; a few of these pink and red creations require a pasta machine (or a dedication to rolling) while others can be made with store-bought pasta or wonton wrappers. There’s even a raw and vegan recipe, too.

• 1 Linguini with Roasted Beets, Fresh Tarragon and Caraway – Linguini is dyed with a red beet sauce in this recipe from Food & Style.
• 2 Noodles with Doodles – Cafe Liz has a tutorial for making fun “scribbles” in homemade pasta.
• 3 Fresh Beet Pasta & Sautéed Cod – Ceramic Canvas writes that the flavor is subtle in this homemade pasta, but the color certainly isn’t!
• 4 Beet Ravioli Stuffed with Ricotta, Goat Cheese, and Mint – Ravioli is made from fresh beet pasta dough in this Martha Stewart recipe.
• 5 Beet Ravioli with Poppy Seed Butter – This Bon Appétit recipe can be made with fresh pasta or store-bought wonton wrappers.

• 6 Beet Ravioli with Pine Nut “Goat Cheese” Rosemary-Cream Sauce, Aged Balsamic Vinegar – A raw, vegan recipe from New York restaurant Pure Food and Wine.