7 Things Everyone Should Keep Under Their Sink, According to Cleaning Pros

published Sep 24, 2021
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If there’s one space that I’ve given exactly zero thought to over the course of living in my house, it’s the area under the sink. Organized? Nope. Clean? Rarely. Aesthetically-pleasing? Big. Fat. No. But cleaning pros say that keeping a specific set of items under your sink can make your life way easier — and more organized.

Who knew the key to being happy about your under-the-sink situation was simply filling it with the right stuff? If you have a free afternoon sometime soon, clean out all the empty bottles, the unused cleaning tools, and replace them with these seven things absolutely everyone should have in their under-the-sink arsenal, according to experts.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

1. Rubber Gloves

No matter what sink you’re talking about (bathroom, laundry, kitchen, etc.), Vera Peterson, president of Neighborly brand Molly Maid, suggests having a pair or two of rubber gloves handy to make cleaning up spills easy, efficient, and hygienic. Not only do rubber gloves limit the spread of germs, they also protect your hands from any harsh chemicals and allow you to use hotter water (so you can more effectively kill those germs). 

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2. Paper Towels 

Even if you’re a reusable rag person, a roll of paper towels comes in very handy in certain situations, like when you’re handling raw meat or cleaning up bodily messes.

3. Scrub Brush (or Toothbrush) 

Peterson recommends having a scrub brush handy for the bathroom in particular, while other experts recommend scrub pads or even smaller brushes. As Pam Clyde, president of BritLin Cleaning in Texas says, having a toothbrush under your sink that’s just for cleaning is a good idea for an option “to clean around the drain and other crevices.” Just make sure you clearly label or separate the cleaning toothbrush from others. 

4. Magic Eraser

If you haven’t already added a Magic Eraser to your under-the-sink organization, what are you waiting for? Having a Magic Eraser within reach at all times makes removing those hard-to-remove, stubborn stains that much easier.

Plus, there’s always the ol’ Magic Eraser-In-The-Shower trick that I swear by. 

5. Glass Cleaner 

If I had a dime for every time I wished I had a glass cleaning solution on every floor of my tall-and-narrow row home, I’d be a very wealthy woman. Making sure you have glass cleaner under each and every sink in your house means you won’t have to run to another floor or bathroom to clean the mirrors or other reflective surfaces. 

6. White Vinegar

Peterson suggests keeping either white vinegar or lemon juice handy as an all-natural cleaning agent. There are actually quite a few different ways to use white vinegar when it comes to cleaning, from window washing to coffee maker disinfecting. 

7. Disinfectant Wipes

If you’re all about the five-minute, everyday clean to keep things spick and span, then having a pack (or two or three) of disinfectant rooms under every sink is a great option. As Clyde says, “This makes disinfecting high touch areas quick and easy. Sink faucets, refrigerator handles, microwave and oven handles as well as trash can lid (top and underneath) and pantry door handles can be breeding grounds for germs. Wiping them at least once a day can help to keep germs to a minimum.”

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