5 Things You Should Clean While Your Morning Coffee Brews

updated Feb 12, 2021
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Young woman measuring and pouring roasted coffee beans into coffee machine and preparing coffee at home in the early morning.
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Some morning tasks are more involved than others (like showering or making the bed, for example). Fortunately, that pot of drip coffee practically makes itself — after you grind the beans and hit start, that is. If you make drip coffee on the regular, why not use those eight minutes to your kitchen’s benefit? Here are five super-easy but impactful cleaning jobs you can get done while you wait for it to brew.

Credit: Kitchn Video

1. Clean the microwave: 3 minutes

Once you hit the “start” button on your coffee maker, make your way over to the microwave. The most efficient way to wipe down all that grease and grime is to microwave a cup of water with half a spent lemon for 2 minutes, and then wipe it down. Don’t throw away the water — you’ll need it soon!

Credit: Kitchn

2. Toss out expired food: 1 minute

While your microwave is doing its thing, run over to the fridge and do a quick scan of the shelves and drawers. Time to toss anything that’s expired or past its prime! (We’re looking at you, last week’s leftovers.)

Credit: Lana Kenney

3. Wipe down your backsplash: 2 minutes

Say goodbye to the grease on your backsplash. With a microfiber cloth dipped in your microwaved lemon water (it will still be hot, so be careful!), cut through any grease splatters around your stove. Add some diluted white vinegar to the mix if lemon water isn’t doing the job.

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

4. Take the trash out or empty recycling: 1 minute

If your trash or recycling are full, empty them and replace the bags. Bonus points if you have time to sprinkle in a bit of baking soda beneath your trash bag to absorb food smells! 

Credit: Cat Meschia

5. Freshen up the garbage disposal: 1 minute

You know that funky smell coming from the general direction of your garbage disposal? Now’s the perfect time to take care of it. A few ice cubes with the disposal running will knock out any stubborn debris and send it down to the sewer, and a half-cup of baking soda followed by a half-cup of vinegar will stave off any lingering germs. Or use the lemon water if you have any on hand!

Done? Now go enjoy that coffee.