The 8 Best Things to Buy at The Container Store for $10 or Less

published Aug 28, 2022
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The Container Store is a Chain retailer specializing in storage & organization supplies, including closet & shelving systems.
Credit: Shutterstock/Eric Glenn

If your kitchen drawers, cabinets, or pantry are in a state of disarray — or if you want a kitchen reset to make your cooking routine a bit easier — finding the right organizing solutions is an important step. That’s why we’re such big fans of The Container Store, the one-stop shop for all things organizing.

The best part? There’s something for everyone, no matter your budget or your specific kitchen storage problem.

We know you could spend hours browsing the website or the aisles. But if you need shopping inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top eight things to buy at The Container Store — and they’re all $10 or less. 

1. Twist Food Storage

Looking to ditch single-use plastic? These little food storage containers are a great alternative. While they’re also made of plastic, you can store what you need, then wash out and reuse. The five-ounce size is perfect for packing lunches, and the larger ones, such as this 34-ounce container, are great for dry storage in the pantry.

2. Small Plastic Storage Bin With Handles

Maybe you’ve got an impeccable system for spice jars, but what about all those rogue, opened packets? Contain your single-serve seasonings in this little plastic bin with handles. It’s sturdy enough to last forever and slim enough to fit in a drawer, cabinet, or pantry shelf.

3. 3-Tier Cart Small Organizer Tray

Whether you need a reliable way to contain reusable straws in a drawer or your junk drawer needs major love, look no further than this organizer tray. It’s meant for using in a rolling cart — which we highly recommend to add easy storage to any kitchen — but you can put this small tray anywhere that needs a little bit of order (think: tea bags, small kitchen tools, or a catch-all for odds and ends).

4. White Mini Stackable Basket

One of the best ways to add extra space in your kitchen is to make use of vertical space. This cute, stackable basket can hold grab-and-go snacks in the pantry or produce on your counter — or wherever you need to instantly add square inches. 

5. Medium 4-Sort Divider

This sleek and inexpensive divider is designed to corral cutting boards, baking sheets, or pot and pan lids, so you don’t have to dig through piles of stuff in your cabinet (or deal with an avalanche of cookie sheets in the process). Plus, storing these items upright saves so much room!

6. Medium Cabinet Shelf

Another way to make the most of a cramped cabinet? Invest in a shelf like this one, and instantly double your space. Slide bowls beneath it and stack plates or cups on top. It’ll work on a pantry shelf, too! Just create two layers of canned food all lined up.

7. Wire Cleanser Rack

Beneath your sink is a convenient spot to store kitchen cleaners, but that space can quickly turn unsightly. Save inches and keep things neat by storing your most-used cleaning products on this simple rack, which you can easily install on the inside of your cabinet door. 

8. iDesign Sponge & Scrubber Holder

Keeping your sponge next to the sink can cause water to drip all over the counter, but leaving it in the sink can keep it from drying out properly. Solve this problem with this sponge and scrubber holder, which you can fasten to the inside of your sink. Thanks to the well-designed holes, your sponge will dry sooner (and smell a lot less). 

What did we miss? What are you currently loving at The Container Store? Tell us about your latest purchases in the comments below.