5 Things I ONLY Buy at Costco

updated May 11, 2022
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As one of Costco’s biggest fans, I’ve got warehouse shopping down to a science. I’ve been shopping here for years and I know how to get in and get out relatively quickly (magically, with everything I need). I know what’s a bargain and what I should definitely stock up on. I know to make a shopping list — and I know that some of the things on that list are things that I’d only ever buy at Costco.

Which brings me to today’s Costco tip (honestly, I feel like I could dole one out on the daily!): Have a list of things you only buy at Costco. These can be things that are either superior to other brands, incredibly well priced, or, ideally, both. What’s on my list? Let’s take a look.

Credit: Melissa Harrison

1. Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes, $18.99 for 900 wipes

My kids aren’t in diapers anymore (hallelujah), but I haven’t kicked the habit of buying baby wipes. The Kirkland Signature wet wipes are the best around (and I’ve tried them all). The wipes are soft without being soggy and don’t tear as easily as name-brand wipes. The sheets aren’t just for baby bums — keep a pack of wipes in the car to clean sticky fingers and in the bathroom as an easy make-up remover. You can also use them to dust off houseplants and clean dusty baseboards.

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2. Avocados, $4.99 for 6

If avocados are a separate line item in your budget, you’re paying too much. At Costco, avocados are reliably more affordable than at any other store. Choose a netted bag of six hard, unripe avocados, and let them soften on then counter at home. After a few days, the avocados reach peak ripeness and they’re ready for salads, guacamole, and even smoothies. Not ready to eat them all at once? Move the ripened avocados to the fridge where they’ll stay perfectly ripe for several days.

Credit: Patty Catalano

3. Rao’s Marinara Sauce, $10.69 for 2 (28-ounce) jars

When I heard my Kitchn colleagues collectively sing the praises of Rao’s marinara sauce, I knew there must be something magical inside. Then I spotted the price and thought that there had better be a fully-grown wizard in there! I was resigned to making and freezing my own sauce until Rao’s came to Costco. Like everything else at Costco, these jars are bigger than what you’ll find at the regular grocery store, which is fine by me. I can usually squeeze a pair of meals out of a single jar (Instant Pot Spaghetti one night and DIY pizzas another). The best part? You get two jars for the price of what you’d pay for a single (smaller) jar at the average grocery store.

Credit: Patty Catalano

4. FoodSaver Vacuum Seal Refill Bags, $39.99

The best thing a new Costco member can buy on their inaugural visit is a vacuum sealer. The countertop appliance keeps freezer burn and food waste at bay, so you can buy in bulk with confidence. Once you’ve sucked and sealed your way through the free bags that come with your machine, add a box of refills to the cart.

Credit: Patty Catalano

5. King Arthur Flour, $6.89 for 12 pounds

It’s no surprise that King Arthur Baking Company’s all-purpose flour is a staple in our editors’ kitchens — after all, it is a repeat Kitchn Essentials winner. Costco’s 12-pound bag costs $6.89, whereas the same amount costs double at my local grocery store. So when I spotted the red and white bag in my local Costco last fall, I didn’t hesitate to cart this baking companion home with me. Now I refill my stock at Costco, so that I’m always ready to bake.

What items are always on your Costco list? Tell us in the comments.