These Tuna Tostadas Will Make You Forget All About Taco Tuesday

(Image credit: Domesticate Me)

When it comes to Mexican food, tacos typically get all the love and glory (I mean, they have a whole day dedicated to them each week), but tostadas are worthy of your attention, too. Essentially just an open-faced taco, the tostada features a crispy corn tortilla base and plenty of delicious toppings like grilled tuna, mashed avocado, and black bean-mango salsa.

Once you have your corn tortillas warm and crispy, you can start assembling your tostadas. Start with a generous swipe of mashed avocado, then add your grilled tuna and homemade black bean-mango salsa. Garnish with cilantro and radish slices and serve with extra lime wedges.

I think Tostada Thursday should totally be a thing — who’s with me?

Get the Recipe: Grilled Tuna Tostadas with Black Bean-Mango Salsa from Domesticate Me