These Pepperoncini Potato Chips Won Me Over

I have to preface this find with the fact that I really don’t enjoy potato chips. They’re just not my snack of choice. I don’t know if it’s the salt, or the bland fattiness, but plain potato chips are the last thing I would reach for on the snack table. These pepperoncini chips, however, are a whole other story.

I was at the grocery store with Hali, our food editor, shopping for a photo shoot, and she pointed these out as the best potato chips ever. I was dubious, but picked up a bag to give it a shot.

Well, she’s right! These have all the spicy, tangy flavor you expect from one of those hot yellow peppers found on Italian subs and deli trays. They’re intensely sour and just spicy enough to keep you reaching for another one. I also discovered that these plus a few cubes of Gouda make a pretty fabulous mid-afternoon snack.

It’s not like I need one more snack in my life, but there you go — I’m hooked. Have you tried these? Or is there another kind of potato chip that rules your heart?