These 2-Ingredient DIY Easter Eggs Are for Minimalists

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

White eggs get all the love this time of year, but brown eggs deserve some attention too, as they can make for some extremely striking Easter eggs. Just look at these! Cute, right? They took just a few minutes from start to finish and we only needed one thing to make them. Okay, two things if you count the eggs.

(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

To make these minimalist beauties, you’ll need clean, dry hard-boiled eggs and a white paint pen.

Next, think about what you want to draw on each egg. Practice on a piece of scrap paper if you want to be sure it’ll come out right. (You can even wrap the paper around the egg to get the effect of drawing on a round surface during the practice round.)

Our flower design might be a little more intricate if you’re not super artistic, but there are still plenty of easy patterns you can do! That egg with all the triangles, for starters; it’s literally just a bunch of overlapping triangles of various sizes. You can draw a triangle! And that bunny pattern is just a filled-in circle with a V as the ears — drawn over and over again.

If those still sound too complicated, draw some zig-zags, stripes, or just a random splattering of polka-dots. Or just write your name — you’ve got tons of practice doing that!

(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

Once you’re satisfied with your plan, grab the white paint marker and start drawing your design. If you have overlapping lines, wait until the first part is dry before you go over it. Also, be careful to make sure your fingers don’t smudge the paint while you’re working.

When you’re done, set the finished eggs back in the carton and let the paint dry. How easy was that?