These Magical Pies Look Just Like Disney Princesses

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(Image credit: @thepieous/ Instagram)

When I was a little girl, I thought there was nothing cooler than one of those cakes with a doll stuck in the middle of it, so it looked like the doll was wearing a big dress made out of red velvet and buttercream frosting. If the doll could be made to look like a Disney Princess, that was even better.

Now a culinary genius named Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin has taken the doll-in-a-ball-gown cake concept and made it even cooler, because hers are made entirely out of pie.

Clark-Bojin gives pie-making lessons and demonstrations on her site, Pies Are Awesome, and she just added a trio of hand pies made to look like Disney Princesses Tiana, Belle, and Merida. They’re seriously impressive, and the “doll” part is edible too, because Clark-Bojin sculpts them out of pie crust. As much fun as it is to lick cake off a plastic doll, these are a lot cooler because they’re edible and completely handmade.

The pie genius posted a sped-up, step-by-step video of her construction process to YouTube, and if anything, the pies are even more impressive when you know how they’re made. Each one is sculpted and painted by hand in multiple steps. She starts by baking tiny pies and the dough princesses, and then she hand-paints and assembles them and decorates them with edible gold and glitter. Watching her lay out all the leaves of Tiana’s pie-crust gown by hand, I couldn’t help thinking it’d be faster to make an actual dress.

Her attention to detail is amazing. The doll pies are covered in glitter, and each of the dresses is unique. Merida even has a tiny bow and arrow!

These pies involve many steps and a lot of specialized tools, so they might not be something most of us will try at home. It’s fun to dream, though! And watching the process is strangely relaxing. There’s just something calming about watching someone execute something small and complicated with such skill and passion.

Clark-Bojin’s pies are inspiring, and almost way too pretty to eat. They practically belong under glass in a museum, even if Merida’s berry filling does look extremely delicious.