These Glass Cubes Are the Solution for Your Lunch Box Problems

Tell me if you ever have this problem: You are virtuous and pack a lunch. Maybe a salad, maybe an assortment of leftovers. You open your lunch box, anticipating a nice meal, only to discover your salad dressing has leaked everywhere or your hummus exploded over your sandwich. Not good. You might want to check out these small yet practical lunchbox “cubes” — the perfect size for salad dressing, snacks, or dip in your bento box.

This recommendation comes from a reader comment on yesterday’s post about sandwich-free lunches. In the ensuing discussion of bento boxes and their merits and disadvantages, Laurel mentioned these little glass cubes.

Here’s Laurel’s explanation of why these are so great for her kid’s lunches:

Have you tried these? Or do you have another solution for the messier parts of your lunch?