These Easy Planters Bring a Spark of Green into the Kitchen

We just embarked on our 2015 Kitchn Cure — have you signed up yet? — and so the process of rethinking, cleaning, and organizing your kitchen has begun. The Kitchn Cure isn’t just about cleaning, though; it’s about making your kitchen a more soulful and enjoyable place to cook and nourish yourself. We often find that a little spark of green really helps make your kitchen a better place to cook.

(Image credit: Ross Lab)

I like to motivate myself through the more industrious parts of the Cure by spying out a small treat to finish off the kitchen at the end. A new dishtowel, a much-needed pot, an upgraded paring knife — these are all practical “treats” that also enhance your cooking.

But it’s also highly encouraged to look for things that will brighten or cheer your kitchen, like this little hanging planter for an air plant. Even the most diehard plant-killers can usually cope with an air plant, and hanging this in the corner with a fine specimen will give you the little spot of green you crave in the wintertime.

Do you keep air plants or other plants in the kitchen? What’s worked the best for you?