These Are the Most Annoying Things Your Family Members and Roommates Do in the Kitchen

updated May 1, 2019
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Not to be all negative or anything, but sometimes our roommates (read: our family members, friends, strangers we found on Craigslist, pets, etc.) can be super annoying to live with — especially when it comes to how they use (or even don’t use) the kitchen. For example, I love my husband to death, but he is very bad at closing cabinet doors. In that, he just doesn’t. He can open cabinet doors, but I’m starting to worry that maybe he doesn’t know how to close them. I am constantly walking behind him — doing my very best Vanna White impression — closing the doors he’s opened.

I know I’m not the only one who’s bothered by a little thing here or there. I know this, because we asked you guys. We posted a very simple question on Facebook: What’s your biggest pet peeve in the kitchen? We got almost a thousand comments in a very short period of time (we’re talking just a few hours).

Here were some of the biggest and best (or worst?) gripes you guys had.

1. When people don’t clear leftover time on the microwave.

2. When people don’t load the dishwasher correctly.

3. When people put almost-empty things back in the fridge.

4. When people don’t rinse or scrape off their dishes.

5. When people leave trash in the sink.

6. When pets get in the way.

7. When people don’t wring out the sponge.

8. When people don’t rehang the dishtowel.

9. When people leave dirty spoons on the counter.

10. When people open the oven too much.

11. When people bang the cabinet doors.

12. When people try to help too much.

13. When people don’t help enough.

We’ll open this up again: What do your roommates do in the kitchen that totally bugs you?