These Are America’s Least Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes, According to Instacart

updated Nov 10, 2019
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If you’re not one to go wild for cranberry relish, green bean casserole, or gravy at the Thanksgiving table, there’s no reason you have to eat it — unless maybe your Aunt Duffie insists on filling your plate with her famous green bean casserole and you feel too guilty to say no. But that’s another story. 

For this Thanksgiving of 2019, Instacart conducted an online survey with The Harris Poll to figure out “how Americans really feel about the big dinner.” They polled 2,023 U.S. adults ages 18 or older to get the results. A few questions involved the type of wine people preferred, what they liked to do with leftovers, and which Thanksgiving dishes they actually can’t stand but feel obligated to enjoy in order to blend in with the crowd. 

Canned cranberry sauce ended up being the number-one food, with 29 percent of people hating it the most. And 46 percent of people surveyed said canned cranberry sauce was “disgusting.” (I actually LOVE cranberry sauce, so that’s a little disappointing. Although I am Aquarius — the sign against the “norm,” so go figure.) 

A solution might be to go with fresh cranberries and make your own, but according to Instacart sales, customers still bought 50 percent more canned sauce than fresh cranberries to make their own. That should probably change! Let’s get some more Team Cranberries up in here.

Green bean casserole was right behind it with 24 percent. Then there was sweet potato/sweet potato casserole with 22 percent (these I for sure agree with!), pumpkin pie next with 21 percent, and then the big ol’ bird — turkey — with 21 percent. Yeah, that’s right — some people are even anti-turkey, too. 

Still, though, people are buying these ingredients to make these staples. In fact, Instacart showed that cream of mushroom soup purchases were up 59 percent and fried onions went up 85 percent in the three weeks before Thanksgiving in 2018. 

So, whether or not you’re still making these foods, or eating them, perhaps go with some new recipes this year — try making a fresh cranberry sauce with some citrus from scratch, ditching cream of mushroom soup in your green bean casserole and going with a homemade cream sauce instead, and adding some pumpkin pie ice cream to top that plain ol’ slice of pie. You might just like these after all.

What’s your least favorite Thanksgiving dish?