These Are a Few of My Favorite Knives

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It seems that the topic of knives comes up regularly around here; people just love their weapons of slicing and dicing, and we are no exception. Although we are kids in a candy store when you get us in front of the knife display at Broadway Panhandler or Sur La Table, we also love an old knife with a good story.

Send us a photo of your favorite knives, with the stories behind them. Click below the fold for the story of three of our favorites, above.

The 4″ paring knife (Henckels Four Star) was a wedding gift from a good friend in Alaska, who won the prize for coming the furthest for our wedding. She adores a good paring knife, and assumed we had some already, but who couldn’t use another? So true. We love the smooth grip on the Four Star line, and although it keeps its edge for a long while, it sharpens up nicely when it’s that time.

The granton-edge Santoku was purchased to celebrate the end of culinary school. Don’t you love buying yourself gifts? Again, the grip and the edge on these knives are great, and at the time of purchase, a granton-edge Santoku was all the rage. We don’t find that it works miracles in terms of releasing sticky veggies when chopping as it’s touted to, but we find reach for it often because of the way the blade rocks nicely on a board, and how close the point is to the cutting surface.

The mystery-brand Japanese vegetable knife was part of a package deal with teaming up with the Apartment Therapist. Another good omen when meeting a man: he has a good knife in his kitchen. His mother had given it to him as a gift in college, years ago, and he initially didn’t take good care of it. The blade and the handle went their separate ways, but being as industrious as we know him to be, he soaked a shoe lace in wood glue then tightly wrapped the handle back to the tang (the long piece of metal that connects a blade with a handle), and since that day, about 19 years ago, the knife has been perfect. These days we wash it with care and look after it’s edge, but it’s the first one we reach to when there’s serious chopping to do. There is so much history in it, it’s bound to contribute to delicious, nourishing meals.

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