These Are a Few of Ann’s Favorite Knives

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ann was so inspired by our call for entries of favorite knives that she waxed poetic on the topic of her favorite knives on her own blog, A Chicken In Every Granny Cart.

“Many people think of their knives as workhorses, dependable blades that will last forever with the proper care, but people like me, who get wibbly at the knees at the sight of a discounted set of Globals, we think of our knives more affectionately.”

Messermeister 10″ Chef’s Knife “This knife taught me many lessons and removed huge chunks from my fingers.”

Messermeister 7″ Chef’s Knife “This isn’t actually my knife, it’s the boys knife, but I helped him pick it out soon after we started dating.”

Wüsthof 17cm Santoku Knife “I love this knife. I love its balance, the way it rocks on the board, the intense control it affords me and how much of a better cook I’ve become because of it.”