Kitchn Editors Swear by ThermoWorks’ Game-Changing Thermometers — Get Yours for up to 60 Percent off Right Now

updated Apr 14, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Thermoworks

Whether you’re reaching into a sizzling pan or hovering over a hot grill, when you’re taking the temperature of your food, every second counts. And if you’re still using a cheap supermarket thermometer, well, you could be standing there for a while. Not to mention, it’s hard to know how accurate analog thermometers really are. That’s why we swear by instant-read thermometers, specifically those made by ThermoWorks, a stand-out brand whose line of durable, super-accurate, and fast thermometers are regularly praised by Kitchn editors. The Thermapen MK4 is such a favorite, it even made our Kitchn Essentials list several times. 

Ready for some good news? Just in time to equip you for grilling season, ThermoWorks is hosting a massive warehouse sale, with savings between 30 and 60 percent off select handheld, multi-probe, and Wi-Fi-enabled thermometers. We rounded up a few standouts from the sale below, whether you want a reliable reading on a steak, need to know the temp inside of your fridge, or have trouble staying on top of time.

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This splash-proof kitchen timer can be worn around your neck or slipped into your pocket, so you can stay on top of your cooking time no matter where you go. The timer can be set to count down or up, and it's small enough to use with one hand. It comes in a range of fun colors and has rubberized buttons that are easy for greasy or wet hands to press.

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Get an accurate read on your food’s internal temp in just five to six seconds with ThermoWorks’ Pocket Thermometer. Measuring just under five inches long, the probe can read between 14 and 212°F with an accuracy of within 0.9 degrees, and it comes with a protective sheath that can be secured in a jacket or shirt pocket.

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This (adorable) Fun-Size Thermometer is so small you can carry it in your pocket or attach the key chain to a lanier for on-demand temping. The fold-away probe measures 1.42 inches long, allowing you to take the internal temp of steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops, and smaller tenderloins. It can read from -58 to 248°F with an accuracy of within three degrees.

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If your kitchen thermometer isn’t waterproof or water resistant, cleaning it thoroughly can pose a bit of a problem. Each of the 100 pre-moistened sachets contains 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, which is particularly important if you’re working with raw or cooked meats. It's never been easier to sanitize your thermometer’s probe between uses.

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The 2.9-inch probe of this Super-Fast Mini Pocket Thermometer has a sharp tip for piercing tough meats and can display an accurate temperature within one degree in as few as five seconds. The splash-proof device is powered by a small, replaceable battery with a 5,700-hour battery life, and it turns off automatically when the protective sheath is replaced. Max, min, and hold settings offer a lot of functionality for such a compact tool.

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As much as we’d love to trust our fridge and freezer temp, it’s hard to know if either is accurate. This is especially true if you open the doors frequently or lose power, which can cause temperatures to rise to unsafe levels. Conversely, you can spoil delicate produce in your fridge if it's too cold. This digital thermometer has a probe that you can position in your refrigerator. Set a minimum and maximum temperature range, and if either is triggered, an alarm will alert you.

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If you're prone to getting a little distracted in the kitchen, you’ve probably taken a temperature reading only to forget a few seconds later. This digital thermometer displays the temperature and reads it aloud, so no matter if you’re a multitasker, vision-impaired, or tending to a dark grill at night, you’ll get an accurate (and audible) read on your food’s doneness.

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This dual cooking alarm and thermometer comes with a six-inch probe at the end of a nearly four-foot cable, so you can position it on a countertop next to your oven or next to your grill for real-time monitoring. It can read between -58 and 572°F, and the alarm can be programmed to sound when a preset time or temperature has been hit. The timer has a max countdown of 99 hours and 59 minutes for super-slow-cooked recipes, and it's powered by three AAA batteries that will last for 5,000 hours. The alarm’s volume can be adjusted to sound softly or loudly if you’re in a noisy kitchen or another room of the house.

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If you’re grilling multiple servings of protein or want to track different sections on a large roast or chicken, the probes on this Wi-Fi thermometer can provide real-time readings in four different places. The stand-up design has a large backlit display that’s easy to read and offers four simultaneous views of each probe.