Score One of Our Favorite Meat Thermometers for 25% Off with Our Exclusive Code

published May 7, 2024
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Everyone has their go-to cooking tools, but kitchen essentials still tend to vary depending on the season. For fall and winter, you want durable bakeware and cast iron pots in which to make your favorite comfort foods. For this time of year, you might grab a new stand mixer attachment that lets you churn out delicious shaved ice, or perhaps a stoneware pitcher for homemade iced tea and lemonade. Of course, you’ll also need some trusty grilling tools — and perhaps even a new grill. One device that sometimes gets overlooked is a meat thermometer. But if you’ve ever tried to grill steak or roast a whole chicken in the oven, you understand its importance. As far as meat thermometers go, we trust no other brand as highly as ThermoWorks. Its Thermapen ONE model is arguably the best in its category, and now through May 12, you can score it for 25% off — right in time for summer! All you have to do is enter our exclusive discount code, Kitchn25, at checkout to get it for $79. As many of our staffers will tell you, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.

What Is the Thermapen ONE?

If you ask any of our editors, they’ll tell you that the Thermapen ONE is the gold standard of instant-read thermometers. Its price makes sense when you factor in all that it has to offer: a reading speed of one second or less and ultra-precise accuracy (± 0.5°F specification). The thermometer makes it so that there’s essentially zero chance of serving undercooked meat. The motion-sensing device also sports an automatic backlit display for low-light environments, and it also rotates depending on which way you’re holding it. Our staffers have raved about the Thermapen ONE time and time again. “This instant-read thermometer has come in clutch in so many situations, whether it’s pan-frying pork chops, oven-roasting a whole chicken, or grilling rib eyes,” wrote contributor Bernadette. “The probe is easy to insert, thanks to a tapered tip that sends out a reading in literally one second.” Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that the device is waterproof. “I’ve also used it to ensure that the water I add to yeast isn’t too hot, monitor the temperature for poaching liquids, and make sure my oil is perfectly heated for deep-frying,” Bernadette added.

Credit: ThermoWorks

What ThermoWorks Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.9/5

“Robust and accurate. I’ve had my first for over 10 years of hard service, and it keeps on going. Thermoworks even supplied me with a new battery cover, free of charge, to keep it going. The new version has some great design improvements, including a better battery cover. This is the gold standard of instant-read thermometers. I use it for cooking, baking, grilling, and BBQ.” —William

“This device is amazing! Accurate and incredibly fast. I am using it to get quick temperatures on water and bread dough for sourdough starter and baking. Well-designed and intuitive to use.” —Claire

“The amount of money I have wasted over the years on cheap thermometer pens is much higher than the one-time cost of buying this Thermoworks Thermapen ONE. It is AMAZING. Night-and-day difference between the other competitors on the market. Do not regret the purchase at all, and anyone who needs a pen that is of actual quality, please look no further. You’d only be wasting more of your time. This is the way to go!” —Aaron

Clearly, shoppers agree that the Thermapen ONE is worth the investment, and with discount code Kitchn25, it’s not even that big of an investment! Grab yours now ahead of summer, although you’ll obviously use it for much longer than that.

Buy: Thermapen ONE, $79 (normally $109)