Our Favorite Meat Thermometer Brand Just Launched a Cheaper Model (and It’s an Extra 20% Off!)

updated Feb 5, 2021
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meat thermometer
Credit: ThermoWorks

When it comes to shopping for a solid meat thermometer, you can’t go wrong with ThermoWorks. The brand’s thermometers are some of the best in the business and a top choice among home cooks and professional chefs, as well as Kitchn editors. In fact, our own editor-in-chief Faith loves it so much she calls it a magic wand! Their most popular thermometer is hands-down the $99 Thermapen, but while that price tag can be a tad steep, the brand has been consistently adding models that are cheaper but still pack in some major punch. Which brings us to the good news: ThermoWorks just launched three new thermometers that are compact enough to fit in your pocket, incredibly accurate, and (most importantly) budget-friendly. Priced at $33 each, the thermometers are an extra 20 percent off right now during the brand’s sitewide sale.

As part of the Executive series, all three thermometers use the exact same technology, but the difference is their design nuances. For instance, the Executive Series – EXEC Thermometer has a long 4.8-inch probe with a reduced tip that makes it easy to reach the center of larger cuts like roasts, turkeys, and pork butts. The EXEC Mini Thermometer, on the other hand, has a shorter three-inch reduced-tip probe that’s ideal for taking the temperature of smaller cuts, baked goods, and sauces. Lastly, the EXEC Needle Thermometer has an extra thin microneedle that’s designed with professional kitchens in mind and delivers a result in just three seconds. It’s perfect for any kind of cooking but really shines when temping fish, more delicate cuts, and finished baked goods.

All three thermometers feature a large, backlit, auto-rotating display and are compact enough to slide in your pocket, making them perfect companions on camping trips or outdoor cooking adventures. They’re also waterproof, with battery power that lasts 3,000 hours. (Yup, you’re not buying new batteries anytime soon!). But the biggest difference between the Executive Series thermometers and other budget-friendly options from ThermoWorks is their ability to deliver results in three to four seconds max! That could be the crucial difference between perfectly cooked and slightly chewy steak.

Besides scoring 20 percent off any one of three new launches in the Executive Series, you could also use the discount to finally snag a Thermapen or pretty much any of their thermometers that catch your fancy. Just keep in mind that the discount only applies to one purchase, so you’ll want to make your choice carefully. But whatever you end up choosing, there are really no bad decisions here, so stop guesstimating whether your chicken is cooked and slicing into a slab of raw meat (ew!). Get that thermometer, STAT.

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