One of Our Favorite Affordable Kitchen Thermometers Just Got Even Cheaper

published Sep 23, 2021
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Checking temperature of grilled chicken with a thermometer
Credit: Mia Yakel/Kitchn

While kitchen thermometers are handy to have in the drawer year-round, they’re truly an essential during the holidays. How else will you know when your turkey or roast needs to come out of the oven? And if you’re looking to get one at a wallet-friendly price, we have just the pick: ThermoPro’s Digital Instant Read Thermometer, which is a hit with Amazon reviewers (more than 73,000 5-star ratings!), as well as Kitchn editors and writers! And while it’s already affordable at $29.99, it just got even cheaper at $14.99, thanks to a 50 percent discount. Plus, right now, Amazon is offering an additional 20 percent off coupon (be sure to click it on the product page), bringing the total to just $11.99!

One of the bestselling meat thermometers on all of Amazon,the cheery red ThermoPro is so widely popular that our writer Danielle Centoni decided to peg it against the mighty Thermapen, aka our editor-in-chief Faith’s top pick. Long story short: Danielle was pleasantly surprised by all the cool features it packs in given the price tag.

For starters, the ThermoPro is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. In fact, “it’s light enough that the little magnets on the back can indeed hold it up, if you wanted to stick it on the side of the fridge,” says Danielle. Additionally, the thermometer has a unique light-up display, which is quite bright and makes it easy to read the numbers, even in the darkness of your oven. Unlike other thermometers that require you to change the battery every time you need to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit, the ThermoPro lets you do it with the push of a button.

Danielle tested the thermometer while cooking everything from burger patties to boiling water, and noticed that it performed “almost as well” as the pricier Thermapen. Additionally, “the temp range is -58°F to 572°F, which means it can be used for candy-making, too,” she noted (so go ahead and pull out all those sugary recipes). Once you’re done using your ThermoPro, it easily folds into a compact design that can be stashed in a drawer.

So, if you’re on a budget and looking for a top-quality pick, “this cheaper thermometer is well worth adding to your kitchen toolkit,” says our pro. And at $12, you may as well go ahead and add a couple more to gift all the fellow bakers and cooking enthusiasts on your list. Because seriously, what could be better than spreading the joy of cooking? Umm, spreading the tools to ensure the cooking is edible!

Buy: ThermoPro Digital Instant Read, $11.99 with extra 20 percent off of $14.99 sale price (normally $29.99)