The Mosquito-Repelling Gadget Our Editors Swear By Is on Sale Right Now

published Jun 20, 2023
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When the temperature is just right and everything lines up, cooking outside makes perfect sense. Plus, there are numerous benefits that come with cooking outdoors over indoors: Smells don’t linger stubbornly afterward and your kitchen doesn’t become an unbearable sauna as soon as the oven turns on. Above all, though, it just feels way more festive — who doesn’t want to celebrate summer by preparing meals outside?

But, one surefire way to put a damper on the mood is the unavoidable hindrance that is mosquitoes, who come out when the weather is warm — just like we do. Swatting at your skin while you’re standing at the grill or enjoying a family picnic is a major turn off for most people when it comes to outdoor dining, and as a fellow mosquito-magnet myself, I can (unfortunately) relate. I hate the smell of bug spray, though, so more often than not, I opt to eat inside. However, with this wonder of a gadget, eating outdoors pest-free can be a reality — no spray needed. Take it from us: Once you get the Thermacell EL55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller, there’s no going back.

What is the Thermacell EL55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller?

This super-compact device is a godsend for anyone that spends even a little bit of time outdoors — and it has a 20-foot range of protection, so it’s sure to cover your entire patio. Once you press the on button (after inserting the liquid cartridge), heat activates the repellent, and in just 15 minutes, the mosquitoes will be nowhere in sight. It also emits a soft, dimmable glow, so it’s even more useful to bring out once the sun sets.

Kitchn contributor Amy Gordon swears by the Thermacell gadget, especially due to its portability. “You can easily move it around your outdoor space as needed, and even toss it into your beach bag or picnic basket (just put the cap on the cartridge first to prevent leaks) to keep yourself protected wherever you unpack it — and not just from mosquitos, either,” she wrote. “I brought it to the beach with friends, and we were all shocked that we weren’t getting attacked by gnat-like no-see-ums around 4 p.m.” Perhaps the best part, though, is that the repellent is odorless, which is particularly ideal when you’re dealing with amazing-smelling food. The device also comes with a 12-hour cartridge, two 36-hour cartridges, and a charging cable, so you’ll get a bunch of uses out of it before it dies on you.

Credit: QVC/Thermacell

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“My husband’s new love is watching TV outside, on a porch, overlooking the river valley at night. This was horrible until I found this product on QVC. I can sit as late as I want and no, NO bugs eating me. I am telling everyone and getting extra for near the fire pit.” – The Peacock 

“One of the best things about this product too is that it doesn’t kill the mosquitos (they are food for other species) and it doesn’t kill the pollinators … The spray that exterminating companies use to keep mosquito population down is killing the pollinators (bees) and that’s a big problem. But this product does not kill them so win-win!!” – jmmitchell

“Works great and is powerful! Our backyard is a haven for mosquitoes due to bushes and our location. Now we can sit on our patio and enjoy the evening without worry.” – Kristi

Whether you live in an area heavily populated by mosquitoes or are constantly getting bitten (or one of your loved ones is), saying goodbye to mosquitoes for good without any gross chemical smells makes this gadget more than worth the price. Right now, it’s nearly $10 cheaper than usual, so add it to your cart ASAP!

Buy: Thermacell EL55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller, $57.74 (normally $67.00)