This Ingenious $30 Device Will Stop You from Being a Mosquito Magnet (It’s on Sale!)

published May 1, 2024
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Credit: Erin Derby

Have you ever been referred to as a “mosquito magnet”? If so, you’ve probably been searching for remedies for years to keep those annoying pests at bay. Trust me, I know the struggle — I too am a mosquito magnet, and waking up with a handful of bites after a night outside is never fun. Rather than looking back at summer nights on the patio with regret due to your slew of mosquito bites, there’s a solution that could actually keep these little critters away once and for all, and it’s called the Thermacell E55 Mosquito Repellent.

This bug spray alternative is like a diffuser for mosquito repellent, creating a 20-foot zone around wherever you put it to keep your skin bite-free. Within 15 minutes, you can count on it for maximum protection wherever you’re sitting — by the pool, on the patio, at the beach, and beyond. It’s portable, so you can take it anywhere! It’s truly a superb solution, and it’s on sale on Amazon for just $30.

What is the Thermacell E55 Mosquito Repellent?

This small device is the key to keeping mosquitoes at bay once and for all. It acts as a diffuser, filled with an odorless, harmless-to-humans repellent that will give you a mosquito-free zone of up to 20 feet. In other words, you can throw away your sticky bug sprays and overly strong citronella candles that barely do the job, because this repeller is your new solution. It’s beloved by The Kitchn’s contributing writer Amy Gordon, who says, “I brought it to the beach with friends, and we were all shocked that we weren’t getting attacked by gnat-like no-see-ums around 4 p.m. Seriously, one friend even ordered his own E55 on the spot!” The repellent formula is independently and EPA-tested and is safe for both dogs and humans. It comes with one 12-hour refill, and the device itself lasts for five and a half hours on one charge, making it easy to take with you on the go.

Credit: Thermacell

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.9/5

“I love these products. I live in mosquito hell and we have tried so many things to keep them away. Unlike many things, Thermacell leaves no odor or smoke but it still does a fabulous job. My favorite thing about this one is it’s rechargeable!!! No more forgetting to turn it off and being defeated by burning up an entire butane refill. Not to mention, I can sit outside and not worry about nasty bites. I’m allergic so my bites are horrible. If you want a product that won’t leave a smell or smoke trail, run. These things are amazing and worth every cent. Not to mention this one was a great deal cheaper than it is in stores. A true win-win.” — Kellbell 

“I was skeptical if this was going to work, however, it does work! I love sitting out on my patio however, it’s such as hassle when the mosquitos are constantly attacking me while I’m trying to relax. I did have some mosquito match sticks previously, that I would light up but it was annoying having to constantly light a stick. With this product, I can just sit it right on my porch and not have to move it. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get rid of mosquitos around their home!” — Amani 

“Mosquitos love to feed on me. However, since using this product, I have not had 1 single bite!! I am amazed at how well this works and how long the cartridge and battery last! I usually charge mine each night so it is ready for the next morning. I can now sit on my patio in the morning without being a buffet for mosquitos! I will say though in order to not be bitten you do have to wait 15 minutes once you start it for it to begin working. Highly recommend!!” — Misty Valerious

For 25% off, you can pick up this Thermacell E55 Mosquito Repeller and say goodbye to dozens of annoying mosquito bites once and for all. It’s a $30 investment worth making — think about it, you can actually enjoy being outside this summer. Talk about a dream!

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