There’s Only One Thing Wrong with the New Girl Scout Cookie Baking Mixes

(Image credit: Pillsbury)

Good news, everyone! Pillsbury recently partnered with The Girl Scouts of The USA to release a series of Girl Scout Cookie baking mixes. It’s exciting news … until you realize one thing.

They’re not Girl Scout Cookie baking mixes, they’re Girl Scout Cookie-flavored baking mixes. As in, if you take a closer look at one of those beautiful green boxes up there, you’ll realize that you’re not looking at Thin Mint cookie mix; you’re looking at Thin Mint-flavored (i.e., chocolate-mint)brownie and cupcake mix. I guess I shouldn’t have expected the organization to give up their secret formula, but I was hoping they had!

Regardless, speaking as a former cookie saleswoman myself, I’m happy to see The Girl Scouts partner like this with brands. I hope it brings the organization tons of money, even if it is just a clever ploy to tease our tastebuds before cookie season rolls around again. The mixes can be found nationwide and retail for $3.29 (which is less than the cost of a box of cookies).

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