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The Makers of Some of My Favorite Cleaning Solutions Just Launched an All-Purpose Product That I’m Using on Everything

published Jun 8, 2022
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Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

When you spend as much time in the kitchen as we do, it’s only natural that you have a lot of cleaning up to do. Washing dishes, sweeping floors, scrubbing stovetops — it never ends! We’re always looking for new products to make your kitchen cleaning routine better, like sourcing the best supplies from cleaning pros or discovering sponges that won’t fall apart after a few washes (the Scrub Mommy is my never-fail choice!). 

Recently, we came across the brand Therapy Clean that creates plant-based cleaners scented with a range of essential oils. Their creamy wood cleaner and stainless steel spray became instant hits with Kitchn readers because of their incredible aromas and amazing performance. So, we were especially excited to get our hands on the line of brand new Therapy Clean All-Purpose Cleaners to try. Developed with mood-enhancing aromatherapy, these sprays are not only effective at cleaning my counters, but they actually make me look forward to scrubbing down the kitchen after dinner.

While I’m always looking for new kitchen cleaning products, I’ve recently been particularly interested in finding a great all-purpose spray. I’ve cycled through a few generic brands from the grocery store but didn’t love the chemical smells. After seeing how well Therapy Clean’s wood cleaner and stainless steel polish worked on buffing my neglected kitchen cabinets and fridge door, I couldn’t wait to try these three new all-purpose sprays. 

I immediately was excited by the scents as each is intended to target a specific mood. Sea Salt and Eucalyptus will soothe and calm, Juniper and Lemon Zest will energize and invigorate, and Fresh Herbs and Melon will uplift and brighten. Each bottle is scented with blends of essential oils including amazing aromas like salted tangerine, patchouli, cypress, and wild thyme. To me, aromatherapy is all about intention. So I love that at the end of a busy day, I can add a little thoughtfulness to my nightly kitchen counter cleaning by choosing one of these sprays with the desired effect in mind.

Each bottle smells incredibly refreshing and will instantly make your kitchen feel brighter. Spraying down counters with these is so much better than finishing off the day with a harsh chemical scent in your kitchen. In addition to the oils, each cleaner is made with plant-based ingredients, so they’re free from ammonia, alcohol, phosphates, or synthetic fragrances. They also cleanly wipe off counters without leaving any streaks or residue.

Essentially, these all-purpose cleaners feel like a treat-yourself moment while keeping your kitchen tidy. And, it doesn’t hurt that each bottle costs under $5! I recommend stocking up on the set of three so you can rotate through the aromas depending on what kind of mood you’re in — or would like to be in!