Then & Now: What's Your Favorite Lick?

Then & Now: What's Your Favorite Lick?

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 11, 2010

When I was younger, there wasn't much I wouldn't do for mint chocolate chip ice cream. I loved the cool mint on my tongue and the mini bits of chocolate studded throughout. It was like the bunny slopes at the ski park, quick, refreshing and a little bumpy along the way. But now, my tastes gravitate towards more simple textures and complex flavors and it's interesting to compare where I started to where I ended up. How about you?

When you're young you're not concerned with the texture of your ice cream, or how much air is pumped into it during the creation process, or even where the milk and eggs came from that went into it. In my own personal world, all of that has changed. Having had ice cream and gelato that's made from farm fresh milk and eggs, made by hand with strong and rich flavors, well there's just no going back. Think of our olden days as horse and buggy ice cream and then, more recently, automobile ice cream. Sure the horse and buggy gets the job done, but the automobile is a much smoother ride. (Yeah, I just compared ice cream to cars.)

Now I gravitate towards less ingredients (6 or under usually) and a bigger punch of flavor to balance out the fat and sugar. Coconut basil - BAM, Tamarind Chile - WOW, Lemon (just lemon) - ZING!

What are your favorite licks then and now? Have you had something that pales all other ice creams in comparison? Do you still hold that soft spot for your old family favorite? Share your then and now flavor combos in the comments below!

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