This Is the Wine I Always Drink with Pizza

updated May 1, 2019
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My husband and I enjoy pizza night at home almost every Friday night, and it’s a tradition we don’t plan on shaking anytime soon. It usually starts with sipping Americanos and munching on marinated olives on the couch while the pizza stone preheats in the oven. Then, as we assemble our pies, we pop open a bottle of wine. It’s the same kind of wine each and every time because, in my opinion, it’s the best bottle you can drink with just about any kind of pizza.

Why Barbera Is the Best Wine for Pizza

This red wine hails from Northern Italy, in the Piedmont region. You’ll most likely see bottles labeled Barbera d’Asti or Barbera d’Alba, as Alba and Asti are two communes in the region that are delineated for producing the wine. Either one will do the trick. Barbera is the name of the wine, as well as the grape itself; it’s simple and medium-bodied. It delivers high acidity, which means it will cut through the richness of cheese and other toppings on your pizza, and has smooth tannins and fruity notes, so it will hardly overcomplicate things — it is pizza night, after all, and this bottle will go with everything from the pie you made at home or the one you picked up on your way home from work.

The best part about Barbera is that it’s quite affordable. While there are bottles on shelves in the $20 range, you can feel confident picking up one under $15 knowing you’ll still get a good-quality wine to wash down your favorite slice.

3 Bottles of Barbera Under $15 to Try

  • Luca Bosio Barbera d’Asti, $10.99
  • Oddero Barbera d’Alba, $13.97
  • Cascina Ca’ Rossa, Barbera d’Alba, $14.72

What wine do you enjoying drinking with pizza?