The Weirdest Bacon; QR Codes Are Coming Back in a Big Way

(Image credit: Anthony Gaudio)shutterstock
  • This week there was a bit of an uproar over the reality of nipple bacon. The average pig has 12 to 14 nipples, and it is technically edible. It is, however, very rare that you’d find one of them on your cut of bacon at the grocery store. As John Ratliff, the founder at Ends Meat in Brooklyn, New York explains to Extra Crispy, “You don’t eat the skin of bacon. You take the skin off.”
  • The usefulness of QR codes in the United States is evolving. While they started out as a way to see promotions or commercials of product, but that quickly dissolved. Now, however, they are coming back in a big way to help deliver product information to the user. This will become especially apparent when food products are asked to label whether or not they have GMOs.
  • A leather alternative made from pineapple waste (AKA the leaves) has received quite a bit of attention this year. The “leather” was discovered by Carmen Hijosa in the Philippines. After five years of working with the material, she made it into sustainable leather and started Piñatex.
  • How many times have you enjoyed a cup of Sleepytime tea before going to bed? Celestial Seasonings is the largest manufacturer of tea in North America, and in large part it has to do with this tea. But the story behind how the company got started is a little more complicated, and involves the “new-age bible” called The Urantia Book.
  • This week there was a lot of talk about Kylie Jenner’s Instant Ramen recipe. Yes, we rarely – or never – talk about the pop icons, but apparently her recipe isn’t that bad. In fact, Mic thinks it’s worth trying out at home.